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AFAQ Iqbal Series

This series is named “Iqbal Series”; after great renowned poet Dr. Muhammad Iqbal. This series is based on an approach of holistic development of pupil. Keeping this principal in view, various dimensions of pupils character is focused in these books. AFAQ intrinsically, seeks to promote value based education. The venture of Iqbal series is a part of its inordinate ambition. This series has been developed in accordance with the National Curriculum Guidelines of the Ministry of Education, Pakistan. It covers four basic skills of language, listening, speaking, reading and writing. It promotes thinking process in children. It is affordable and with high standard content.

AFAQ Iqbal Series English
English Beginner A English Beginner B English 1 English 2
English 3 English 4 English 5 English 6
English 7 English 8    
AFAQ Iqbal Series Urdu Top
Urdu Beginner A Urdu Beginner B Urdu 1 Urdu 2
Urdu 3 Urdu 4 Urdu 5 Urdu 6
Urdu 7 Urdu 8    
AFAQ Iqbal Series Mathematics (English Medium) Top
Mathematics Beginner A Mathematics Beginner B Mathematics 1

Mathematics 2

Mathematics 3 Mathematics 4 Mathematics 5 Mathematics 6
Mathematics 7 Mathematics 8    
AFAQ Iqbal Series Science (English Medium) Top
Science Beginner  Science 1 Science 2 Science 3
Science 4 Science 5 Science 6 Science 7
Science 8      
AFAQ Iqbal Series Mutalia-e-Islam (Islamic Studies) Top
Mutalia-e-Islam 1  Mutalia-e-Islam 2  Mutalia-e-Islam 3  Mutalia-e-Islam 4 
Mutalia-e-Islam 5  Mutalia-e-Islam 6  Mutalia-e-Islam 7  Mutalia-e-Islam 8 
AFAQ Iqbal Series Computer  Top
Computer 1 Computer 2 Computer 3 Computer 4
Computer 5 Computer 6 Computer 7 Computer 8
AFAQ Iqbal Series Social Studies (Urdu Medium) Top
Social Studies Beginner  Social Studies 1 Social Studies 2 Social Studies 3
Social Studies 4 Social Studies 5 Social Studies 6 Social Studies 7
Social Studies 8      
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