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AFAQ Encyclopedia


The AFAQ Encyclopedia offers unique information on various topics. It presents exciting new information and learning activities for children ages 7-13. This encyclopedia instills a look-it-up habit and captures the imagination of young children with engaging photography, artwork, and information on the topics they love. With articles by scholars from around the world, this set takes an interdisciplinary look at the institutions and practices of societies throughout history. Articles are geared to various subjects and are organized into four topics per month, Personalities, Countries, Inventions and Animals.
The AFAQ Encyclopedia is the perfect tool for homework assignments, building research skills, and making learning fun for children.

This encyclopedia is first of its kind to have proper preface, explaining at some length at what the editor is up to. This new encyclopedia presents the social, cultural and political history of the world from antiquity to the present day. The AFAQ Encyclopedia is the first to document and interpret every work, major and minor, that has played a role in the history of world. It is by no means a routine, mechanical exercise in fact-finding. The creative element is especially focused on while writing this encyclopedia.



This topic not only provides the introduction and interesting habits of animals but also provides information on how we can learn from them.

 Islamic Countries

This topic not only covers introduction and history of the Muslim countries but also reflects their positive values and traditions.


This topic throws light on all types of inventions in a novel and captivating style. It also describes the role of ancient inventions in the modern scientific advancement.


This topic describes the life of those persons who left eternal imprints on the Muslim nation with their unmatchable knowledge and glorious personalities.

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Postal Charges Rs.400/-


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