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AFAQ Leader’s Club
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Welcome To AFAQ Leaders’ Club

AFAQ Leaders’ club is established in 2009 to bring a positive change in the society through character education of new generation. This club has wide variety of activities with innovative ideas that inspire children of all ages, and many outdoor sport activities which encourages them to develop their skills while having fun. The AFAQ leaders’ club provides the children with an opportunity of learning something different from school, such as art games, using their head and hands….and of course that they can have fun!
ALC is a nonprofit organization of youngsters which has an ambition of being morally good and they will ask others for being good. They will build their character great keeping in view about their history they make their ideals the sons of great honor of Islam and desert livings which help our young buds to be the rulers of world.
It will unveil the curtain of ignorance. Show the glimpses of model enlightened world which will be a road map of future and brighter than galaxy and the young generation will make such a green valley in whose arms will bloom lots of colorful flowers.

Our mission is to change in society through holistic development of the students and youngsters and also prepare the leadership for the whole world.

How we work
AFAQ Leaders’ club is a team of volunteer students who work out by containing their different student activities for enhancing student talents and build their character on such lines which are essential for a good student
They arrange different competitions and programmes so that they can go ahead, create talent for competitions and strength to face challenges of the world and can fly high like eagles.
The students who participate in programmes the club make them their members so that they can go in equal pace with us.
God’s Pleasure will be their aim and objective to get success in their life and hereafter.

Our aim is to develop social and emotional skills, which are age appropriate and necessary for
positive interaction among children. Leaders’ club operates on the belief that children learn
through play to classify and organize their environment and develop a sense of direction in
their lives.


  • To contribute in nation building
  • To develop leadership skills in the student
  • To built the character of student through multidimensional activities
  • To provide academic support to students to enhance academic achievements
  • To encourage and equip students with life skills that will help them positively contribute
  • To the society and community
  • To motivate student for teaching of Islam and act upon it
  • To develop the skills of student to give healthy youth to their communities
  • To guide student in socialization sharing and teambuilding qualities
  • To grow potential in student
Families’ objectives
  • To use children as points of contact in order to build Islamic relationship with their families.
  • To offer counseling to guardians that will encourage them to treat the children in their care well.
School’s objectives
  • To provides training and deliverables to the schools principals and teachers
  • Caring
  • Patience
  • Honesty
  • Faithfulness
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Team work
  • Responsibility
  • Talent
  • Speech
  • Science & IT
  • Sports
  • Art
  • Writing Club
Shaping the Future
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