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Association For Academic Quality | AFAQ

AFAQ is an independent, ISO 9001:2015 certified organisation dedicated to improving education in Pakistan. Being a collaborative venture of major leading, not-for-profit organisations working in the education sector, AFAQ has a vision to improve the literacy rate in Pakistan through a diverse range of services which includes: curriculum development, textbooks and children’s publications, model school development, teacher training, youth promotion, career counseling and student assessment and evaluation. Under strict quality control, AFAQ is zealously engaged in realising its lofty ideals. Over the years, AFAQ has grown into an international organisation providing its services in the Middle East, South East Asia, Africa and Scandinavian countries.


AFAQ E-Learning Solutions

AFAQ understands that young people today learn a great deal both inside and outside of the classroom. As technology advances, AFAQ has developed an attractive learning program for children that builds interest, encourages engagement and promotes connectedness across multiple subjects and activities  so that they can better understand the messages given in books.

AFAQ E-Readers

AFAQ E-learning Solutions